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I am honoured to be a Patron of the DT38 Foundation. As captain of the Australian National Team I have been able to work with my teammates to help spread the DT38 message. We have done this through wearing the DT38 shirts during warm ups at tournaments, creating awareness campaigns for social media, meeting at signing autographs for children selected by DT38 at training sessions, school visits and launching DT38;s first children book and teaching programme.
– Mile Jedinak

I am very proud that Dylan wore our famous Claret and Blue. My board and I cherish the longstanding relationship with his wonderful family and namesake charity, DT38. DT38 is a principal charity of West Ham United Football Club and we will continue to support DT38 in proving testicular cancer awareness through education and opportunities.
– Karen Brady – As Vice- Chairman of West Ham United Football Club

I was honoured to coach Dylan. From the very first training session it was obvious that Dylan had talent and an attitude for graft and hard work. Through his countless treatments he showed remarkable spirit and determination. The courage of this boy will live with me forever and he will continue to inspire lives through DT38.
– Tony Carr

I became involved with DT38 as a result of a school visit they did with the Socceroos. My son came home and informed me that you can get testicular cancer and that we should be aware of certain signs and symptoms. I laughed at how much interest in the subject he took as a result of having it delivered to him by the Socceroos. As a result of this discussion with my son and meeting those involved with DT38 my company Ultrasound services are proud to offer free screenings for men aged 15-45 twice a year in conjunction with DT38.
– Dundan Hardy 


Our vision is to change the way testicular cancer is diagnosed by implementing best practice diagnostic guidelines for patients who present with testicular symptoms. We also aim to arm future generations of young men with the necessary knowledge about testicular cancer that will enable them to be confident when taking health matters into their own hands.


Our mission is to raise awareness and change the stigma associated with men’s health issues with a focus on testicular cancer. We aim to do this through providing educational programmes and opportunities for the youth of our community, to help shape a generation of children who are self- aware about their health and wellbeing.